Sandi Parkey Pink Zebra Presidential Director and Independent Consultant

Sandi Parkey - Presidential Director - Pink Zebra

Hello! Welcome to the blog of Sandi Parkey, Presidential Director and an independent consultant of Pink Zebra! If you’re new to Pink Zebra, we are a specialty home fragrance company famous for our environmentally friendly soy wax beads. Starting off as a stay-at-home-mom, I decided that I wanted to earn some additional income on the side, and I discovered Pink Zebra! Now, I am the highest ranking Pink Zebra consultant, as well as the top earner. If fact, I am the first and only million dollar earner in the company! I have been with Pink Zebra for seven years now, and I would love to tell you all about my journey as a consultant. I have a wonderful team, and if you’re looking to be a high earner in direct sales, join Pink Zebra’s #1 team today! I take the time to work with each of my team members to help them on their path to success which is why my team is number one in net volume and set a company record for net sales volume! It’s never too late to pursue your dreams and join a family passionate about our products. Call 931-787-4867 or email me at, I look forward to hearing from you!

Add a Little More Productivity Into Your Day | Sandi Parkey Pink Zebra Independent Consultant

No matter what your career, whether you’re a Pink Zebra consultant or not, you probably wish that you could be more productive in life. Fortunately, there are things we all can do to help boost our productivity throughout the day.

Become a More Productive Person

When you’re a work-from-home mom, it can be hard figuring out a schedule that works for your family, you and your work. However, here are some suggestions on how to be the most productive during your days:

Saving the Mornings for Work

When you first wake up, get the kids off to school and have your first cup of coffee, you typically are at your peak energy for the day. Therefore, don’t focus on anything but work during these peak hours that you are most productive, so that you’re able to get everything done before the kids come home from school. Shut off technology (as much as you can), have your ”to-do” list for the day ready to check off and don’t worry about anything going on with the house (dirty dishes, laundry, etc.). All that other stuff can wait.

Clear the Clutter

If you’re sitting at a messy desk right now, chances are all you can think about is that clutter sitting on your desk. Clean it up! Clean everything up. A tidy workspace equals a tidy mind. Therefore, take the time to organize your bills, your invoices, your personal items, your business documents and so on, so that everything has a home. Then you will know exactly where it is when you need it. And your desk will be satisfyingly clear.

The great thing about joining my Pink Zebra team is that every time you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, I’ll be there to help you overcome the obstacles. Don’t let fear set in. Contact me today to learn of a brighter future with Pink Zebra!