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Sandi Parkey - Presidential Director - Pink Zebra

Hello! Welcome to the blog of Sandi Parkey, Presidential Director and an independent consultant of Pink Zebra! If you’re new to Pink Zebra, we are a specialty home fragrance company famous for our environmentally friendly soy wax beads. Starting off as a stay-at-home-mom, I decided that I wanted to earn some additional income on the side, and I discovered Pink Zebra! Now, I am the highest ranking Pink Zebra consultant, as well as the top earner. If fact, I am the first and only million dollar earner in the company! I have been with Pink Zebra for seven years now, and I would love to tell you all about my journey as a consultant. I have a wonderful team, and if you’re looking to be a high earner in direct sales, join Pink Zebra’s #1 team today! I take the time to work with each of my team members to help them on their path to success which is why my team is number one in net volume and set a company record for net sales volume! It’s never too late to pursue your dreams and join a family passionate about our products. Call 931-787-4867 or email me at, I look forward to hearing from you!

Set Up Your Workspace for Productivity | Sandi Parkey Pink Zebra Independent Consultant

Whether you are a Pink Zebra consultant, a SAHM or a mom who works outside the home, we all have that one space set aside for work. Is your space as organized as you’d like it to be?

Let’s take a look at some ways you can help set your workspace up for productivity:

Reduce Your Clutter

Look at your workspace right now. Are there papers piled up? If you needed something that was on your desk, would you be able to find it? Where are your reminders located?

You want to make sure you have a clean workspace that’s free of any distractions. And, yes, clutter can be a distraction.

Light the Space Up!

As crazy as it might sound, the lighting you choose for your workspace really can make a difference in your level of productivity.

For instance, if you are looking to perform more analytical problem-solving at your workspace, you might want to go for bluish lighting for better productivity.

If you get frequent headaches or migraines, you may also want to consider the type of lighting you’re using in the space, since artificial lighting can sometimes be a trigger.

Map Things Out

Where is your daily or weekly calendar? Is it easily seen around your work space?

You need to know what your plans are for the day and the week. Therefore, put your calendar where you can easily see it so you know what is going on.

Decide what works best for you—you may want a wall calendar, a desk calendar, a planner, a digital calendar or some combination of them all.

Paint the Walls

What color are the walls surrounding your workspace? Believe it or not, that can make a difference in your productivity level.

According to research, green (like sage) helps promote creative thinking more than other colors. Therefore, you might want to try a shade of green to really boost your creative juices while at work.

Set your workspace up to be a productive one by placing your perfect Sprinkle blend on your desk for inspiration and motivation! You can find various recipes at my Pink Zebra website!