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Hello! Welcome to the blog of Sandi Parkey, Presidential Director and an independent consultant of Pink Zebra! If you’re new to Pink Zebra, we are a specialty home fragrance company famous for our environmentally friendly soy wax beads. Starting off as a stay-at-home-mom, I decided that I wanted to earn some additional income on the side, and I discovered Pink Zebra! Now, I am the highest ranking Pink Zebra consultant, as well as the top earner. If fact, I am the first and only million dollar earner in the company! I have been with Pink Zebra for seven years now, and I would love to tell you all about my journey as a consultant. I have a wonderful team, and if you’re looking to be a high earner in direct sales, join Pink Zebra’s #1 team today! I take the time to work with each of my team members to help them on their path to success which is why my team is number one in net volume and set a company record for net sales volume! It’s never too late to pursue your dreams and join a family passionate about our products. Call 931-787-4867 or email me at, I look forward to hearing from you!

The Tips You Need to Host the Ultimate Bridal Shower | Sandi Parkey Pink Zebra Independent Consultant

Did your best friend recently get engaged? What better time than now to plan the ultimate bridal shower?

And better yet, let my planning skills as a Pink Zebra consultant lend you a helping hand when putting together the best bridal shower possible!

Time to Celebrate the Bride

A lot goes into throwing a bridal shower, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all work and no play! In fact, throwing a bridal shower can be a great time, especially when it comes to making your bestie feel special during this time.

Let’s take a look at some tips for throwing the best bridal shower for your friend:

First, you want to make sure you get an idea of what your friend is looking for in her own bridal shower if she knows about it. If you are trying to surprise her, mum’s the word.

But if she is in the know, then you want to make sure you get an idea of what she wants, including a theme and people she is wanting to have in attendance. Then, once you get a good idea of what she wants, it is all up to you to put it together.

Where Is the Venue?

The first thing you need to consider is where you will be hosting the bridal shower. Depending on the theme, venue ideas for the bridal shower might include:

  • A restaurant

  • Park

  • Banquet hall

  • A home

Once you get a venue in place, then you will be more able to know how many people you can invite, what decorations you will need and so on.

What Will Be Involved in the Festivities?

Once you have all the bridal shower to-dos taken care of, like the venue, food and decorations, then it’s time to decide how you want things to go.

Do you just want to have an open shower where people snack and talk as they please? Or do you want to have cocktails, a sit down meal, music, games and presents?

You’ll want to plan it all out carefully so that nothing is overlooked.

Now that you know what it takes to throw the ultimate bridal shower, now it is time to find the perfect gift! Check out my website today to see my latest collection of Sprinkles, Shades and much more!